The Probes & Drugs portal (P&D) is a hub for the integration of high-quality bioactive compound sets enabling their analysis and comparison. Its main focus is on chemical probes and drugs but it also includes additional relevant sets from specialist databases/scientific publications, and vendor sets. Upon these, established bioactive chemistry sources (such as ChEMBL, BindingDB, Guide To Pharmacology, DrugCentral or DrugBank) are utilized for compounds' biological annotation. As of ver. 02.2023, the P&D compound database is composed of 85 sources including 13 probe-related, 10 drug compilations, 44 academic/non-commercial sets and 15 precompiled sets from bioactive compound vendors.
Latest news
Oct. 9, 2023
The second version of the Probes & Drugs portal this year - 02.2023 - was... (read more)
April 26, 2023
As of today, a new version of the P&D portal (01.2023) is available with two brand... (read more)
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